The Mom Movement- Project 10

Documentary Family Photography Giveaway


Project 10 is a personal project for me that includes 10 FREE documentary-style family sessions. I am drawn to this type of photography because of the realness and rawness of the pictures. The pictures aren't posed. Clothes aren't matching, hair isn't curled. This is just your family and how you act each and every day. This is how you hug eachother, how you play games with one another, even meltdowns are captured! Anything that happens in the moment at your house, with your family. 

WHY documentary-style? I am personally drawn to the real-life photography for two reasons:

One, its funny! Most photographers don't capture actual real and dirty family life. These moments might not be funny that day (think- meltdowns, tantrums, crying), but in years to come, they are going to be the pictures that stick with you. The memories you had from that day will still be real. There are no expectations with this type of photography. Whatever happens, happens!

And two, Mom finally gets to be in pictures!! You mom's know what I mean. You are never IN pictures. No, selfies don't count! You are never in pictures actually interacting with your kids. I try to take selfies of myself kissing my kids (which you know turns out horribly.... candid pictures are not meant to be taken by yourself, with your cell phone!). Anyway, I want to take pictures of your whole family TOGETHER! Don't worry if your house isn't clean or you think you are too fat- your kids don't see you like that- and you'll never get this time back from when they were so little. Plus, chances are, 20 years down the road you will look at these pictures and think about how skinny you were!! :) 


So, let's get to it!! 

I am giving away 10 documentary style family sessions!

A few Qualifications:

This is for families with young kid(s). This is not for couple's only, or for people with grown children. 

You must sign a release to let me share your pictures on social media and my website. 

The session will take place at your home. 

If you feel like this is the right type of session for you and your family

click HERE to enter.