Welcome to the FLASH SALE!!!

Let's kick off the spring, and blast into warmer weather with ONE day of awesome savings!

If you've been following along with the #MomMovement, I have completed 9 out of 11 of the gifted Mom Movement Sessions [where I gifted 11 free sessions to different families in the Harford County and surrounding areas.]!

Now that most of the gifted sessions are completed, I'm SUPER excited to schedule others! Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! Or.. I mean.. you could tell someone else in your life like your kids, or your husband- but that doesn't mean you will get this as a gift! ;) You will probably still get flowers and generic chocolates with a handmade card on old construction paper! :) But this time, you can get all of that plus more! These photos are the gifts that you can hold and remember for years and years!

Do this for yourself! Document your life the way it is right now! #empoweryourself

Ok, I'll get to it. I promise! THE BIG SALE will last one day only- ** TODAY! ** 4/18/18 **- And the sale will only be "live" from 8am-8pm!


Mom Movement Sessions will be $100 OFF!!

2 Hour Session- $190   [regularly $290- minimum of 45 images in an online gallery]

4 Hour Session- $350   [regularly $450- minimum of 100 images in an online gallery]


In order to get the special pricing, you must fill out the form linked below, and pay a $50 retainer fee by 8:00 tonight. After the form is filled out, the retainer fee will be collected and I will contact you via e-mail to schedule your session! If you have any questions you want to ask before you schedule, feel free to e-mail me! [stefanieendresphoto@gmail.com]

This special pricing session is meant to be used this spring/summer.