The Mom Movement

What is The Mom Movement, anyway?

A few weeks ago, I had a semi-revelation while out to eat with my family. I saw another family sitting in the booth next to us, having a seemingly normal outing. The mom was cutting up food for an older son, while the dad was tossing a sweet little baby girl up in the air and planting raspberries on her belly. She laughed and laughed so hard while looking right into his eyes! No one saw the moment but me. Mom was busy tending to their other child, and the other patrons of the restaurant were busy checking their phones, or talking amongst one another. I'm sure the mom has seen this many other times, but right there, right then, no one saw but me. And that one little moment wasn't lost. The whole setting was perfect, including mom and the older son who were snuggled together while she was cutting the meat on his plate. I thought to myself, I wish I had my camera. I'm sure the mom would really like to have this picture from my viewpoint. I wish she could see what I could see.

**Ding Ding Ding** This is perfect. I'm a photographer. Families could benefit from a picture of this. What should I do? [searches the internet for advice I couldn't seem to find]. I'll start a project where I gift 10 sessions to different families to showcase their lives. If it turns out well, maybe people will hire me to do this. Maybe they will see the reasoning behind my mini-revelation the other day at lunch.

I create a form, and a small "about-me" for the project, and turn to social media where I let people know they can apply. I call it Project 10. One by one applications start to pour in. I had 29 entries when I checked just a few hours after the project was released. I read all of the 29 entries, and all but one were mom's who had the same thought I had. We want to be remembered, but we also want to remember ourselves and our families in this stage of our life. The project kind of changed it's own path, and I realized this isn't Project 10. This is The Mom Movement.

The entries were wonderful, eye-opening, and awesome. The mom's all said the same things, but in different words. They just want to remember. They all feel a little under appreciated, and over worked all while LOVING their lives. They know the wild craziness in their house will soon be still. Chunky little dimply baby hands clenching your shirt will turn into young boy hands sooner than you know it. Giggles, hugs, messes and meltdowns. All remembered. Memories preserved.

Now, it's week later, at the closing of the entries I have 190 applicants! WOW!! This is more than I could have ever hoped for. One day I'll make a blog, or post a bunch of the entries. They are secrets, and confessions, almost begging to be released. [You can go view some on my facebook page. *shameless plug* you can "like" it while you are there! ;)]

I wrote this in another blog post, but I want to talk about it again. My ultimate goal for these sessions is to create a photo album filled with pictures from the session for you. The outside spine of the book will feature the year. So once a year your family has a documentary session done, and you get a new album. After a few years you will have 2018, 2019, 2020, etc. all on the shelf to look back through. Your family will grow, your hair style will change, your love will remain. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about this new endeavor! <3


Stefanie Endres