Baby Kinsley

Welcome to the world, Kinsley Grace!


One day you are pregnant and dreaming of your new little bundle of joy. Your baby. Your soon-to-be best friend. Your world. Your love. The next thing you know, your baby is here and you are thrown into a whole new role. A completely new chapter of your life. Motherhood. Fatherhood. Being a parent. 


You hop on the new roller-coaster called 'parenthood' and get to experience so many new things. Spit-up and smiles, blow-outs and blowing bubbles. Sleeping so soundly and crying so hard. You never know what's around the next corner- but you can guarentee it will be awesome,


and lovely,


and beautiful,

parents holding new baby girl.jpg

and tiring, 


and so, so, worth it. 


Kristen and Josh, congratulations on your new baby girl! You are so blessed!