Photo Cred to Bethney Backhaus Photography

Hey everyone! I'm Stef! I am married to my best friend, Kevin, and we have 2 handsome little boys who run the household. Our crazy life includes 2 dogs, 2 cats, a coop full of chickens, 3 roosters, and occasionally a few pigs! 

I am a lover of Disney World, craft beer, camping, and books. I like gardening, breastfeeding, and kombucha. Hippy meets hipster meets hillbilly. Somehow it all comes together for me! :)

I'm here to empower you and embrace the mother's of the world! Mom's are often the glue that holds a household together. Without mom's who would pack bookbags, know when toilet paper runs out, or make sure the kids get haircuts? Mom's can be under appreciated when they should be overly valued. I want to do something for you! I want to see the love, and fun you have with your family.  I am here for you, Mama!